Today I am going to tweak the main bearing hub of my Rega turntable. Look, I have a bronze bearing hub here for testing!

And why bronze? 

Bronze is one of the best materials for bearing due to its toughness, strength and low coefficient of friction. Low coefficient of friction would mean easier start-up, smoother running and less vibration/noise generated from the bearing hub. Besides, there's another very important feature we shall not forget, i.e. good lubricity which enables it to run with very little lubrication. Hence, it can still continue running without re-lubrication over a long period of time. So even if there's negligence on our part, damages to the sub-platter steel shaft would be minimum. 

Of course, it's always important to let our bearing run with adequate lubrication for optimal performance.

Bronze Bearing Hub
Model : BH18 (USD48.80)
I have tried out this new Bronze bearing sleeve or hub, compatible to stock 18mm (~3/4")  brass bearing hub on my TT and  I am very satisfied with the result I get. 

This bearing hub is suitable for DIY turntable projects using Rega sub-platters or compatible aluminium sub-platters! It is also compatible with Planar 2, Planar 3, P2, P3, P3-24, P3-2000, P5, P25, RP3, RP6 and some NAD and Goldring turntables.

New bronze bearing hub compatible with DIY, P1, RP1 and some NAD and Goldring turntables is available now :

Bronze Bearing Hub suitable for DIY, P1/RP1
Model: BH12P1 (USD47.50)

Try it out yourself! Hearing is believing! 

Let's enjoy more analog music!


Aviator said...

Hi,will this bearing hub fit for an Ariston RD 60? If not,would you build one for my table?
Thanks and best regards

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