Underslung counterweight, dual pulley and silicone belts are the new upgrades for James Anton of North Carolina, USA. Here's his comments:

Hi Michael 

Everything arrived fine and as before your instructions were a big help. I decided to remove the original Rega inner sleeve after doing a dry run. Takes a while but the wd-40 and a pair of pliers with a protective towel do the trick. Balanced it out and now up and running fine. Thanks again for all your help. 

The stainless steel is a much higher quality product. In terms of the sound, I am still listening and sorting out (I also have a new preamp in the system so it might have to wait until I do some A/B with old preamp). 

One question – the Elys 2 seems to be a very light cartridge and I needed to move the new counterweight relative close in. I removed the 9.5g weight as you mentioned. I used the tracking force on the Rega to set at 1.75 and verified with the Shure guage. I wasn’t sure if I should be able to zero out the Rega dial and adjust tracking force purely with the new counterweight but it was getting pretty tight with the tonearm rotation when I tried. This is a bit convoluted so I hope the question makes some sense. 

But everything is working fine and the cumulative effect of changes to the Rega has been significant.


Thanks Jim!


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