Anthony's tweaked RP6 ....

Anthony of Malaysia has upgraded his RP6 with my dual pulley, silicone belts and aluminium adjustable feet recently. 

Hi Michael, 

I installed everything last sunday and the overall performance is up by a clear margin. 

The double pulley improves the timing and rhythm, likely due to improved speed stability

The feet results in lots more detail and opens up the soundstage. Now there is clearly more depth and width compared to previously. However, there was a slightly bright sound overall which I thought would mellow as the belts "run in". 

I had a little problem installing the feet as the cap nut failed. Luckily I was doing it with help from a friend who suggested using two nuts to lock the bolt which allowed the installation of the bolts into the plinth. 

Sand in the rubber feet helps a lot. The background is even quieter

The brightness to the sound went away after I repositioned the double pulley a little lower, allowing the lower belt to come close to the bottom edge of the subplatter. Thanks to your design, repositioning the pulley is easy. 

All in, I think one would have to spend a lot more to buy a ready to use turntable that would outperform my tweaked RP6. 

Best regards 

Thanks Anthony!


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