Marko has a P5 TT. He has chosen to begin with the aluminium sub-platter and stainless steel dual pulley upgrades. No doubt P5 is fitted with a metal pulley (aluminium). But somehow stainless steel pulley outperforms the stock aluminium pulley. If dual pulley is used to replace the stock pulley, the result is even better!

Let's take a look at how Marko of Seattle shows his step by step procedure to do the upgrades: 

Hello Michael.

I completed the install tonight I am delighted. Although I know that the bearing may benefit from wearing in, the impact of the upgrades is immediately obvious. 

Before  the upgrades: 

I took photos of the entire process (pulley and subplatter) and will organize them and get them to you. I am not a poster so I’d rather just email or upload them to you. 

i) Pulley installtion :

ii) Aluminium sub-platter installation : 

The subplatter was very hard to descend. I almost called you. I ultimately got it down several millimeters by spinning it backwards but couldn’t get it to go down further until I put the glass platter on top, which got it down the rest of the way. 

I was surprised at how much larger your belts are compared with Rega’s. I moved the pulley to its maximum out position and there’s still significantly less tension than with the Rega belts, but I am guessing that this is on purpose and you’ve found that less tension is better. I have not experimented with tension as you describe below. Perhaps another day. 

Now I am just enjoying the more open sound. Imaging is improved, bass richness is increased, and midtones are more present and lively. 

Thanks for making this an easy and high value upgrade. I hope you’ll find the photos to be a nice resource for your customers. 


Thanks, Marko!


Unknown said...

This is a great resource to share with friends and family as well as artisan and foodie partners. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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