Kjell 's RP6 Upgrades ....

Kjell  from Norway is another Rega RP6 TT owner who chooses to upgrade to dual pulley and silicones. He is happy with this simple upgrade. Here's his joyful experience.



After having the belts settle for about 5 days (busy week) it was finally time for a listening session. First impressions are that the build quality is superb! The instructions received on email beforehand is simple and straight-forward, so the installation on my modified* RP6 were hassle-free. Start-up time is much faster now, I would say its cut down by a half at least! 

So how does it sound, and is it worth it? Yes, absolutely and the sound is in short, more defined! 

The bass is tighter, and more accurate on all levels..stronger and more controlled and adds that extra punch! This cleans up the overall soundstage and the musical experience is more dynamic and lifelike I would say! 

So far I am very impressed by the dual pulley setup w. silicone belts and service is exceptional as well! 

Thank you very much!

 * Modification on my RP6: 
 -Internal and external rewire from Origin Live 
 -Michell Technoweight

Kjell A Mala

Thanks Kjell!


Unknown said...

Hey! Nice article and nice upgrades :D If you're ever looking for some new turntables give this site a check. I'd love to see you do some reviews on some digital turntables.



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