From correspondence I could feel Daniel of Montreal is a very careful person in tweaking his Rega P3-24 turntable. I am glad that he is willing to give my stainless steel double pulley a try. Most importantly, he can happily enjoying music which is more focused and sharpened up with this upgrade.

Hello Michael,

I have had the double pulley for a few days now. I am very happy with this upgrade!

The build quality and finish are very nice; it is very well made. It would look at home on a much more expensive turntable. It has produced a very nice improvement to the sound. Everything sounds tighter and more controlled. I compare it to manually focusing with a camera through the viewfinder. The subject seems in focus, but a small turn of the focus ring on the lens puts it  perfect focus . That is how the music has focused and sharpened up with the double pulley. The same improvement was present with jazz, pop, folk and everything else I have listened to over the past few days.

I am very happy to have discovered this product! It has improved my Rega to the point that I could not live without it.

All the best,

Thanks Daniel !

*Read more >>  Daniel (Indydan)'s comments in Vinylengine on Double pulley upgrade.


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