Thorens TD124 is a classic, high end vintage turntable of the nineteen fifties. Even till today it's a well-known model to all turntable enthusiasts and it's very much sought-after by many. Grab it, if you do come across! Not just a piece of antique to appreciate, with some proper servicing and upgrading, you'll marvel at the music it brings out....

Arthur of Now York is a lucky guy to have owned one of this rare finds! He is sharing with us here his Thorens TD124 with my Underslung Counterweight and Record Clamp upgrade. Enjoy!

Hi Michael, 

I wanted to send you a few pictures of my vinyl setup. I am running the Rega RB300 arm on the TD124.
A great combination. As you can see, your counterweight and record weight has been put to good use.

The counterweight really opened up some extended clarity and firmed up the bass. I am using the Denon DL 103 cartridge, which requires a more exacting tracking weight, and your counterweight makes this more possible than the stock one. 

For speakers I am running high sensitivity Fostex full range drivers so the improvement in clarity is very noticeable! 

 The record weight is great also, adding a more steady pace. 

 Great products!! 

 My next project is to upgrade the wiring on the RB300. 

 All the best,


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