Bill - Wonderful world of vintage hi-fi

"Turntable" may appear to be something vintage; something of the past to a lot of people. But for us, analogue lovers, it's more than that. Not just a piece of art, it's the key which leads us into the wonderful world of analogue music!

Bill of Melbourne has just joined us in the journey of tweaking and enjoying beautiful analogue music.


Hi Michael, 

I was on the look out for a turntable for my system, when a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of vintage hi-fi. 

I ended up buying off him a Rega Planar 2 in mint condition which he had for sale. TT came equipped with a 747 Grace tonearm. Upon first listen, I was impressd and never thought my records could be reproduced in such way compared to mid priced modern TT. Being new to vintage audiophile hi-fi, I decided to do a research on Rega and was surprised on how much information there is. 

Wanting to improve on the TT performance, you were mentioned in a forum and.......BANG! Turntable candy for Rega's. Over the past few months I have purchased your upgrades except for the sub platter and finally assembled all parts as per your instructions. Thanks heaps for sending me the smaller rubber feet to fit the aluminium iso feet as the originals were larger in size. 

Stainless steel dual pulley

Motor isolation base, bottom bracing,
aluminium feet
I did not test every item individually to compare the difference from the originals, but made the comparison upon completion. Cartridge is a Micro Benz high output MC. 

Top Bracing

Acrylic platter

Rubber/Cork mat
Powering up and listening to favourite recordings was breathtaking. Bass, Mids and Highs were all transparent and projected with authority. Soundstage had depth and a three dimensional feel. The overall improvement is phenomenal. 

Thank you... and well done.


Thanks, Bill !


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