Corey's Acrylic Plinth upgrade ...

Corey Manders, a Canadian engineer resident in Singapore. A saxophonist, he plays at the Raffle's City part-time during weekends. Corey has earlier added almost all my upgrades to his Rega P2 TT(with stock sticky pad motor):

1. The stainless steel dual pulley with silicone belts
2. underslung counter-weight
3. Aluminium sub-platter
4. Acrylic platter
5. Motor isolation base
6. Top and bottom bracings
7. Record clamp and rubber cork mat

Though he thought he has done all that's necessary to uplift his "tired" P2 TT,  the beautiful look of acrylic plinth in my website was too tempting for him to resist! So another round of upgrade for him....

Here's his new P2 TT with Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge, what do you think?

Hi Michael, 

Though it took me some time, I did change the plinth to my Rega P2, I'm really happy with it. Here are some pictures previous to the change: 

So, I have listened to quite a few albums after the initial changes (motor adjustment, adding the braces, the underslung counter balance of the tone arm, cartridge change, platter and sub-platter change, the pulley change, and the belt changes). There is definitely an improvement in the bass with the plinth change, which results in an overall increase in volume. I was listening to a few steps ahead albums, and the change in bass really requires lowering the amplifier volume. After the change, my family kept asking me to turn down the system for fear of neighbors complaining. I think that is directly attributable to the increase in the gain in the bass. So, here are a few images after the change:

I've put a switch in the box for the PCB you passed to me. I have resoldered all of the wires and extended the red, green, and blue wires leading to the motor. I have temporarily stuck that box under the plinth on the right hand side, using some double-sided tape. It works for now, but I may look for a better looking solution. 

But thanks Michael, awesome job designing the plinth! 


Thanks Corey!


stew nelless said...

Just thought I'd make a comment regarding the Rega finger lift: many have reported an improvement in sound by cutting off the finger lift. Obviously not stock looking then. Also a rewire of the tonearm is a must. One need not spend a bunch of $$$s in wire. I have found that in my own custom tonearms that even some inexpensive (as in REALY CHEAP!) wire can sound excellent. There are many sources for improved wire. I also highly recommennd running the tonearms all the way to the phono stage in one continuous run with no solder joints until the terminating RCA jacks (which should also be an improved version over the Rega ones). If damping is required oversize heat shrink tubing can be used, or latex theatrical face paint, or even rubber cement (not contact cement!). You'll be amazed at the transformation!

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