Cejatan of Queensland (Australia) has a RP6. It's a very good Rega turntable. I also have a bright red RP6 which I have been experimenting with various upgrades (refer to my earlier post on RP6). And I can assure you that Underslung Counter-weight and stainless steel dual pulley upgrades which  Cejatan has chosen to begin with would definitely bring significant sonic improvement to his system. 

Another point to highlight here is my underslung counterweight retrofits the original Rega stub. In case you decide not to remove the original stub for some reasons ( may be fear...  or a stubborn stub simply refuses to budge), you can still add the underslung counter weight to your TT without problem.

Cejatan shares his experience with us here. Enjoy!

Hi Michael, 

HI Michael, Here are pictures of the completed project. I bought the following from you: 

a. Counterweight 
b. Double pulley and 2 belts 

Although I have problem trying to take out the original stub, I still managed with your direction to install the counterweight. With only this, the high registers opened by and the sound was more spatial and stereo separation was much better. 

I next installed the double pulley and the 2 belts. This was much easier with the pulley puller. It took less that 10 minutes. 

I also changed my stainless steel ball to ceramic to complete. With all these changes, I invited some of my friends over to listen. One came bearing gifts....2 dozen vinyls which he had in his garage. Whooola!!!! 

Here are some photos to show the improvements. Anyone out there, I would recommend Michael for the tweaks. 

Until next time. 

Best Regards

Thanks, Cejatan!


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