Raymond of Netherlands  and his new dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades : 

Hello Michael,

I was considering a different turntable before I found your blog about upgrading the Rega. Last Thursday the pulley arrived and I installed it the same day within 20 minutes. The pulley remover is not used to remove the plastic pulley. I have used acetone and after 10 minutes I could remove the pulley within a minute. But before I tried this without your pulley remover I was thinking how to use this without removing the motor. I couldn't find a quick solution so with a quick and forceful movement the pulley was removed. 

The first impression after the installation was that I noticed more information in the mid-high area. I could understand Donald Fagen better and the soundstage seems larger than before. Freddy Hubbard trumpet sounds much fuller and less neurotic. 

I think this upgrade benefits the Origin arm and Benz cartridge, so everything sounds so much better now.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


More pictures : 

Powersupply : Heed
Arm and mat are made by Origin Live.

Subplatter is made by Groovetracer.
For leveling the turntable I have used spikes which are supported by rubber feet with oil inside. (brand unknown)

before the upgrade ( 1kHz)

after the upgrade ( 1kHz)

Thanks Raymond!


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