Markus's Goldring 1.2

Markus from Norway has a Goldring 1.2. There's no problem to join in the Rega tweaking fun as Goldring 1.2 shares the same upgrades as Rega P1. After new addition of aluminium sub-platter, record clamp, stainless steel pulley with silicone belt and bearing sheath to his system, Markus  found big improvement to his Goldring .....

Brass record weight with bull-eye level

Hi Michael,

Your upgrades were definitively a big improvment, both with and without my newly bought acrylic platter. The speed is now stable, I had an old belt which was way overdue replacement. What I felt was the biggest improvement was how I could feel my body relax more while listening, and just enjoy the music. I guess this is because of the the background noise quieting down. 

Bearing Sheath

Listening to Madrugada - The Kids Are On High Street the intro vocals stood more out into the room, and the instruments was easier to separate. Especially the cymbals in the end were more defined. 

So, am I going to upgrade more, or buy new? I'm going down the upgrade path :) I got hold off a cheap Planar 3 plinth after reading a bit on your blog. Decided to rewire the arm (in process) despite your warnings, we'll see if I manage that. In the near future a follow-up order will come to you for at least the motor isolation base, the counter-weight (if I get the tonearm in order), some spacers and the isolation feet. 

Best regards, 
Markus Lund Vevle

Here's Markus's update on his second project on Rega Planar :

Hi Michael,

It took me another two months since my last mail, but they included holidays and quite a few work related travels, in the end though; here are the pictures as promised! 

I had to drill a few new holes in the braces to fit them as you can see from two of the pictures. The rest of the pictures are of the finished result, and personally I think it looks gorgeous and the music its playing is leagues better than before! Of course I can't fully compare with the old turntable (I refer to this version of the turntable as new, it certainly feels and sound like it!) as both the phono stage and cartridge has been replaced since I started with this project. 

The record collection is growing at an accelerated speed, and the turntable has been spinning a lot whenever I have time. It is definitively a token to the reproduction capability of the turntable when you suddenly realise it is five o'clock on a Saturday morning, that didn't happen with the old one. There are however still improvements I would like to do, I sometimes hear wow & flutter, so would like to take this opportunity to order the dual pulley and two belts. You might have noticed that I now have the new motor installed, the old is still connected to the GR1.2 plinth which I'm going to rebuild as second turntable, so I probably need the 5a pulley (version for Europe is 50 Hz?) to put on the new motor? 

Note : If facing the wrong side down this is what happens. Just flip over to the other side and the bracing will fit the holes.

Aluminium feet, Motor isolation base upgrade

Acrylic platter and rubber cork mat

Best regards, 

Thanks, Markus!


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