Rega motor upgrade kit though solves the motor wobbling problem in Planar TT's, motor vibrations transmitted to the plinth would not be eliminated with this upgrade. However, if the motor is mounted off the plinth, those undesirable motor vibrations picked up by the cartridge would be "gone". As a result, background noise is very much reduced and we would be able to enjoy music with better imaging.

Scott Lea of Arizona, USA has upgraded his Planar 2 with motor isolation base, dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades. Let's hear what he says:

Hello Michael, 

When I decided to upgrade my Planar 2 I thought the right thing to do was get the Rega Motor Upgrade Kit. I was truly disappointed to see the motor mounted with a sticky pad. That's when I did the research I should have done in the beginning. 

When I saw your webpage I knew I was in the right place. Your method of mounting the motor off the plinth is a truly elegant solution. 

I also love the double belt pulley. 

The turntable is now awesome! My Dynavector Karat 17D2 now sings! 

I have been collecting vinyl since the 60s and am rediscovering the treasures I have! 

Also been buying new and used LPs in the last month like crazy. 

I was frustrated with digital and went so far as purchasing an Ayon CD player. A very excellent machine but I still was not satisfied. 

Thanks for helping return the joy of listening to music again! The thrill is back! 

Highly recommended! 

Thanks again! 

Scott Lea 
Arizona, United States

Motor isolation base upgrade 

Dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades

Thanks Scott!


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