This is a question many may ask when considering the aluminium feet upgrade, including Nick Jenkins from United Kingdom:

I also wasn’t sure whether your aluminium feet would just slot straight in, as I believe the P9 feet do require some filing down first.... "  

Rega P9 feet 

Don't you worry, my aluminium feet are designed slightly different from the original Rega P9 feet and there's no filing required and I shall add this note under my post on aluminium feet earlier to avoid confusion.

Here's Nick Jenkins' upgraded RP3 and his comments on the upgrades:

Pictures : courtesy of Nick Jenkins of United Kingdom
Dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades on RP3

Sand-filled Aluminium feet upgrade on RP3 

Dear Michael, 

Just wanted to thank you for your products. I was a little apprehensive about removing the original pulley but the pulley puller and a drop of white spirit made it very easy. I filled the feet with sand as per your suggestion – it was a bit more difficult to get them into the aluminium cups as the rubber was pretty stiff and a small screwdriver helped to prise them in. 

I was really surprised at the improvement in sound, particularly with the dual pulley. There’s more bass weight, rhythmic drive and detail, and surface noise is less obvious. I listen a lot through headphones which can be rather unforgiving compared to speakers, but I’m now enjoying my records a lot, and needless to say am very pleased. 

Thanks once again. 

Best wishes, 

Nick, United Kingdom

Thanks, Nick!


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