Motor isolation base upgrade has been an intriguing project for many Rega TT tweakers. This mod is important  as it isolates the motor and thus vibration from the motor to the plinth. In fact even in tweaking other TT's like Thorens or Pro-ject, I would also begin with this fundamental but critical part of the turntables.

To ensure this mod is reversible without any drilling on the plinth, rubber mesh netting is used to secure the motor base assembly for easy transportation. This may be the only way for P1/RP1/P2/P3-24 and RP3 TT's (unless you don't mind drilling two holes on the plinth), but for P5/P25, Planar 2/Planar 3 TT's, we have an alternative way here which may interest you. Have a look: 

Just an update that I have completed the motor base mod for ease of transport. Make sure you ask Michael Lim for a pair of extra posts and a variety of screw lengths when you order. Pics of this and all other mods in my gallery. The P5 "Maxine" sounds awesome....

...... After experimenting a bit more with the motor base, first by having the motor contact the plinth and then ensuring that it does not contact it - I verified that the base absolutely provides an audible, positive effect by completely removing the already minimized vibrations in the P5 motor from entering the plinth and the tonearm, and thus prevents the motor from negatively affecting the sound. This is most noticeable in image solidity and increased smoothness - Highly recommend!

Screws attach to motor base for transport

Screws removed to decouple motor


For Rega P5, P25, Planar 2 and Planar 3, I am adding a piece of plastic bracket for mounting the motor this way (it's reversible). Remember to remove the screws to decouple the motor before spinning!

Material used : 
a. Plastic bracket( for strengthening)
b. 20 mm or 30 mm M3 bolts and washers

1. Align the brass props of motor base with the motor mounting holes on the plinth.
2. Align the screw mounting holes and pulley hole of the black plastic bracket provided with the holes on the plinth.

3. Use 20 mm or 30 mm M3 bolts and washers, going through the plastic bracket and screw onto the props, securing the motor base/motor/pulley assembly to the board for transport purposes. However, you would need to remove the bracket/bolts when playing. 
4. The bracket may be permanently fixed to the top of the board with very thin 3M acrylic tape if you wish.


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