Dieter's DIY TTPSU

Ever thought of a DIY TTPSU project? Here are some useful tips from Dieter who has made himself a DIY TTPSU for his Rega turntable. It would be very helpful for those who are interested in the project: 

Dieter from Germany shares with us his ideas on his DIY TTPSU

Hello Michael, 

Here's my ideas for my DIY TT PSU: 

The need for a TT PSU results from :

1. The switching from 33 to 45 RPM by changing the belt from the small to the larger Part of the pulley is inconvenient and it changes the tension of the belt. 

2. As it is well known the Rega TTs tend to a Rotation Speed thats too high. For this reason subplatters with an increased diameter are available. So in my understanding a fine pitch is needed. 

3. The REGA TT PSU is too expensive and it consists of a quartz stabilized sine wave Output, but not of a pitch control. In my understanding quartz precision is not needed, because of the not well defined slippage of the Belt. And who needs a high precision Rotation Speed of 33 2/3 RPM? 

My PSU consists of a precision sine wave Generator (IC) that is adjustable by external resistances. The sine wave is then amplified by a high voltage opamp and darlington Transistors at the Output. The PSU is operated at about plus/minus 40 volts, so an Output of 24volts AC is possible. The supply of the sine wave Generator is stabilised to plus/minus 9 volts. The resistors for the fine pitch are chosen so that the Speed can be adjusted to plus/minus 0.4%. 

So my TT PSU works fine. The harmonic distortion of the sine Output is less than 0.3%, it consists of a simple Switch for 33/45 RPM and it is adjustable for both Rotation Speeds. 

Best Regards 


Dieter has also upgraded his TT with double pulley and silicone belts:

Pictures: courtesy of Dieter
Dieter's DIY TTPSU below his TT

Upgrading to double pulley and silicon belts 

Spinning more accurately with TTPSU

Thanks Dieter for sharing the info and pictures with us!


Göran Magnusson said...

Hi Dieter and Michael,

Great post! Actually it is very annoying not being able to pitch correctly the speed as you prefer. it is correct m REGA RP6 is going a bit faster and I definitely want to be able to find the correct speed as intended.
Since I'm actually in the process of doing some of Michael's upgrades I feel this is a subject to go forward with.
I have some basic knowledge about soldering and understanding electric circuit design but it feel like a big task to do a TTPSU, it not impossible but needs some guidance.

Dieter, are you willing and able to help us with more info how to proceed? Part list, circuit board design etc. Maybe you can consider selling units to either in parts or fully soldered and tested.

Just food for thoughts.

Best regards, Goran

Steve Evans said...

I agree, great post however it is quite a tease. Like Goran, I'd be very interested in directions, circuit board and parts list. the TT PSU doesn't solve my speed issue and commercial products like the Phoenix is very nice but expensive. If I could build this it would be awesome.

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