Rega P25 TT, the special 25th anniversary edition, is a capable machine sharing some "attributes" of the famed Planar 9 TT. Light and rigid plinth with wooden frame, anti-vibration motor circuit (though on budget) and a proven tonearm with upgraded tonearm wires (RB600), Rega P25 TT was an excellent upgrade over the Planar 3 TT which had a wobbling motor hanging on rubber band.

P25 TT is a gem to it's owner. Even today, many are not willing to trade-in this unique TT for the newer models. In fact, if properly tweaked (and with a matching cartridge) it could sound so fabulous that, perhaps the next Rega turntable you may ever consider upgrading to is the P9 TT!

Sharing with you here the interesting journey of Neil Robertson of New Zealand in upgrading his P25 TT :

Pictures: courtesy of Neil Robertson of New Zealand

Neil's system

Neil's upgraded Rega P25

Motor isolation base and aluminium feet upgrade

Aluminium subplatter, double pulley and silicone belts upgrade

Acrylic platter, rubber-cork mat and 3-point VTA spacer upgrade

" The turntable sounds fantastic now!"

What Neil says about his whole new TT :

Hi Michael,

Your acrylic platter and aluminium feet arrived just in time for the Easter break so I have had time to install and listen. Like all your other upgrades I have made with my P25 there was significant improvement in all areas - most noticeable being soundstage imaging and further refinement in base control. I now have a TT I am very happy with.It has been an interesting journey applying your upgrades step by step and well worth the effort and expense. Thank you for all your support and for making such high precision products.

Having made such a big leap in the sound quality of my TT I am finding it difficult to stop there and am curious about the merits of upgrading the wiring in my RB600 arm with something like the incognito rewiring kit (either in silver or copper) Do you have words of wisdom on going down that path? As I said I am already very happy with the sound I have but am curious to see whether I can take it to another level without spending large sums on a new tonearm or deck.

Here are a couple of photos of my upgraded P25 you may want to use. Just to let you know that last night I swapped your cork mat for my herbie mat and found a big improvement in the sound-much warmer and more cohesive sound....

The turntable sounds fantastic now.It's like having a whole new TT!

Thanks again for all your help.


Thanks Neil !


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