Both my wife and I couldn't help but burst into laughters reading the email from Franciso of Netherlands :

"Hello Michael ,

first and foremost dank you for a site that is like a candy store for us , rega owners . must complete, and good prices also......."

Hahaha .... CANDY ? Ya..Ya... gonna make your music taste sweeter .....

Make a guess ... what was Francisco's first grasp from my candy store?

A proud owner of Rega P3-24 TT from Netherlands, the Land of Tulips, he cleverly picked double pulley, silicone belts and aluminium feet for his Rega with Ortofon Blue. Good choice indeed!

Lucky for him, mail to Netherlands seemed to be fast (compared to US). Upon receiving the items, Francisco was quick to install them and tested his TT immediately . Truly satisfied with the sonic improvements, he sent me not only beautiful pictures, but a video link for me to share with you here.

Enjoy - music from Caverna magica album by Andreas Vollenweider

Pictures and link : courtesy of Francisco

Francisco (spotted him walking around?) and his system
LFD zero mk4 signature amplifier, Avalon NP2.0 evolution loudspeakers,
AVI S21MC cd player, Graham Era Gold V with PSU-1 phonostage
Rega P3-24 with Ortofon Blue

double pulley + silicone belts + aluminium feet

Another video : Nat King Cole - After Midnight

Francisco's feedback on the upgrades :

" Hello Michael,

i just finished mounting the double pulley upgrade, plus silicone belts, en aluminium feet, what can i say that hasn't been said.

-the first i noticed is that the motor runs smoother, and is not a little difference, is immediately noticeable so much that if I hadn't seen the subplatter spinning i wouldn't know it was on already, that's how smooth it turns, with that comes also much more torque and precision, i had noticed already that the rega was a bit slow to come on time, but now it begins spinning almost instantaneously, i am feeling almost like i own a direct drive turntable, with that comes a really low noise floor, a sensation like everything is sounding more effortless, and with more swing to it, the sound is generally speaking more precise, with a bit more deep bass, and especially is easier to listen that the notes start and stop a bit faster, the timing, and drive that is so well known from rega turntables just improves.

so all in all very worthwhile upgrades, and very good value for money.

i will come back for more.

thank you for everything Michael, and best regards from the netherlands

francisco da silva

Thank you Francisco and hope my candies will continue to sweeten your days!


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