Vesa’s old Planar 3 rebuild ....

Turning an old Planar 3 into new and beautiful turntable is what Vesa of Finland has done. Here's his feedback and nice pictures. Enjoy!

Hi Michael,

I now have done on my old planar 3 almost complete rebuild with most parts from you and the result is superb! Basicly the only std Rega part now is lid, before your parts there was already 24v motor kit, Origin Live silver mk3 arm, goldring 1042 cart and ttpsu with linear psu.

Started with dual pulley and adjustable feets. Speed stability and sound was noticeable better than before.

Next stop was top and bottom bracings and bronce bearing.

Sound after this was more open and detailed. And onwards we go, motor isolation platform was next, this lowered the backround noise and gives chance to play with belt tension.

Last bit, at the moment anyway, is skeletal acrylic plinth and that really glued it all together. Sound is much better, than old planar3, it's now a proper turntable, that sounds very good!

Some pics attached:

Thanks very much!!


Thanks, Vesa!


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