Karl's P3-24 upgrades....

Karls's P3-24 upgrades.....

Dear Michael, 

I finally installed the following on my P3-24: 

 1. Subplatter 
 2. Adjustable Feet 
 3. Underslung Counterweight 
 4. Spacer 
 5. Acrylic Platter 
 6. Cork Mat 

Build quality and ease of installation are impeccable. Thanks for always providing detailed installation instructions with photos. Anyone who wishes to improve the sound of their Rega Table should consider getting your upgrades. I can say that music from the Rega is now more organized with better definition. Center imaging which used to be a bit of a problem has now improved. 

In addition, I can now close the lid of the Rega without putting bumpers on it. 

Thank you for the freebies. You’re such an awesome guy. 

Again, many thanks and more power. Attached are a couple of photos. 


Thank Karl


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