Signature series of  Michael Lim Aluminium Sub-platters

Introducing to you my new, TOP of the line aluminium sub-platters :

1. ALSP-MK2   -  USD175.00   
    Suitable for Rega P5, P25, P3, P3-24 , P2, Planar 3/2 and RP3   
    ( inclusive of ceramic ball bearing ) 

2. ALSP-6-MK2   - 
    Suitable for Rega RP- 6 
    ( inclusive of ceramic ball bearing )

This new design sub-platter is crafted with anti-resonance pattern on the low mass body which is precision-machined from high quality aluminium block. In addition, you will find some special features here :

The spindles are made of hardened steel with sapphire thrust bearing at the tip.  

Coupled with ceramic ball bearing, we would find our TT experiencing lower friction and lower noise level, hence bring about sonic improvement.

It's available for order now!


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