Julius's upgrades on his 2016 Planar 3

Julius of Sweden has added some mods to his good sounding 2016 Planar 3....

"Music is even more enjoyable- Analog music is so more fun!  I actually ended up dancing with my wife the whole evening after upgrading...". 

Wonderful! Shall we dance .....

Hello Michael, 

I received your products the other day and had a lot of fun upgrading my deck.

The result? 

Simply amazing! 

The music now has a much more stable foundation whilst dynamic and detail is much more present. I installed all the items at once. Adjustable aluminum feet, Double pulley with silicon belts, aluminum subplatter and acrylic platter. Music is even more enjoyable - Analog music is so more fun! I actually ended up dancing with my wife the whole evening after upgrading. Thank you very much! 

Right now I’m using the deck without a mat as my previous wool mat seemed to muddy things up. What type of cork mat do you recommend, That is what thickness? I use a rega chart and have no vta adjustment installed and plan to keep it that way. 

Picture here 

Keep up the good work! 

Regards from Sweden, 

Thanks, Julius!


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