Sean's DIY project .....

Sean of California has just completed his new DIY TT project.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's almost a completely new TT now with all the upgrades:
- stainless steel dual pulley
- aluminium sub-platter
- acrylic platter
- bronze bearing hub
- tonearm stabilizer
- motor isolation base
- acrylic isolation platform
- braced acrylic plinth and Audiomods tonearm.

Here's Sean's feedback :

Hi Michael. 

I was finally able to get the table together. I was waiting on the custom arm. Everything worked except the VTA adjuster but that's going on my other table. Audiomods included their VTA system for free. 

It looks great and sounds fantastic. The "Rega sound" is still there but it's much more like an P9 and P10 than a P3 due to the massive improvement in accuracy and dynamics. Also that instant start up is quite amazing and speed is spot-on

Thanks again! 


Thanks Sean!


SMB said...

That's my table! It's a 100% ground up build with a new Rega 24V motor, Audiomods Classic II tonearm and Hana SL MC. I've now side by sided it with my original P3-24 (after breaking in the cartridge) and the difference is quite amazing. You make an extraordinarily high quality product. Thanks again!

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