VTA adjuster
Model : VTA-HN-3-point
Some cartridges, especially MC cartridges, are sensitive to vertical tracking angle (VTA). For more precise tracking, an adjustable VTA is the dream for many. And here is the good news; I have just designed a new VTA adjuster particular to meet this requirement of yours.

The new VTA-adjuster (as you can see from the picture above) is for the 3-point mount tonearms (e.g RB101/RB251/RB301/RB303). With this adjuster, the VTA can be adjusted starting from 1.5mm onwards (with any desirable incremental value) to the correct VTA you require (within the limit). 

Besides, I have also designed the VTA adjuster  to retrofit the existing 25mm(1") diameter tonearm mounting hole for RP3/P3-24/RP6 turntables. Hope it would be a good and easy upgrade for you and your beloved TT's.

So from now on, VTA problems that follow after a cartridge change would not be a headache to you any more.

Here's the installation on my RP3 with RB303 : 


Unknown said...


How much?

Michael Lim said...

It's USD58.00. Kindly email me your shipping address for shipping charges. Thanks. Michael.

Lopesme said...

Dear Michael, does it fit new 330 tonearm from 2016 Planar 3/6 ? Thanks. Marcelo

Michael Lim said...

Hi Marcelo,

Sorry that the VTA Adjuster won't fit RB330 tonearm, only good for RB100/101/251/301 and RB303

Unknown said...

Hi Michael, still available? Mine is RB303. Thanks. Gary

Seba said...

Hi Michael. Does this fit the RB700 ? Pretty sure yes. Also as I have a custom plinth, up to what thinkness it can accomodate ? Many thanks

Unknown said...

Hallo Michael , does it fit with my RP8 and the 808 ?
Kind regards

Mloutfie said...

Is there some screw that hold the tonearm pole in place?

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