Kirill's underslung counterweight upgrade

Kirill of Moscow is very happy with his underslung-counterweight upgrade as not only his lid issue is settled, he notices sonic improvement too. It's a worthwhile upgrade that I always recommend to everyone.

Let's take a look at Krill's feedback and pictures here:

Hi Michael,

Just a quick note to say big "thank you" for your great products.

As you know my issue was that after the installation of Ortolan 2M 78 cartridge on Rega RP78 turntable my dustcover wouldn't close properly and the lid was hitting the tonearm. Very irritating! So the prime objective of purchasing the underslung counterweight for me was resolving the lid issue.

Not only did your counter-weight resolve my lid problem but it also helped improve the sound of my 78s which i didn't expect. I highly recommend this product to everyone who hasn't made up their mind yet.

My main turntable for 33 and 45rpm is Clearaudio so I am looking now at your non-Rega related products like record clamps, 45rpm adapters etc. This will be my next purchase:-)

Below you'll find a couple of pictures of my turntable with and without the cover on and a short video of me starting to play the song "Moscow suburb nights" (sorry for cell phone quality).

Thanks again Michael and best regards from Russia.                                               

Thanks Krill!


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