Paul from United States has done a video on his double pulley installation in detail. He has shared the link to this video in vinylengine ( Rega forum : Michael Lim upgrades). Here's his feedback and his post in vinylengine: 

The double pulley has been installed and it works great. If you’re curious, you can see the documentation of my installation here:

I will probably go for the bracing later in the year. 


Read Paul (BarakaPDub)'s post in vinylengine :

For those who have not done the double pulley upgrade and are curious to see the installation and measured effects, I did a video which can be found here: 

The installation was simple and I made the upgrade on my P3-24. I also did some tests using a single belt system which can be found here. While the stock table is good, the double pulley system does make it better in terms of speed control and stability. 

In the future, I am looking to procure a test record where I can show more data on the single vs. double belt system but I think you can conclude that this upgrade is worthwhile if you want to go down this path. 

Hope folks that haven't made the jump yet find this useful

Enjoy the video by Paul on his Rega Turntable Upgrades: The Michael Lim Double Pulley Install & Test

Thanks Paul!


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