If you have the same 50Hz/60Hz, you should take the opportunity to upgrade to the stainless steel pulley ( single or double). Do not go back to the plastic or aluminium pulley. You should reward yourself with better music from the stainless steel pulley after your hard work in removing the pulley!

Francois of United States shares his experience of 50Hz/60Hz issue with you: 

Dear Michael 

I was able to remove the plastic unit. It just came off through pulling it it slowly but firmly. Then I placed the 60Hz pulley: it took a bit more time, and a bit of oil (had to wait a while for the oil to be effective), but it went down to the right level eventually, without rubbing anymore against the plateau. And the speed works perfectly well!!! 

Now we discovered we have to replace the stylus - since we had not used the turntable for a while (and it's a bit beaten...), but that's a different story. 

I have attached a few pictures. feel free to share on your blog. Thanks a lot for the pulleys. I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with the 50Hz/60Hz issue, and all the more since you seem to be the only person on this planet offering this solution. Also payment + delivery was very reliable. 


Thanks Francios!


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