Big feet ? Marcel has good news for you......

My aluminium feet was designed to retrofit the current Rega rubber feet. For the older models of the Planar turntables which had much bigger rubber feet, these aluminium feet would not be compatible, I thought. It never occurred to me that there's a way to install them, so I didn't attempt to try also.

I was surprised to see how Marcel had done it. He shared with me "the secret" and the good news is: "Easy fix" according to him. And thanks to the wonder of online sharing, without which I wouldn't be able to post his ideas here to share with you!

Take a look at the upgrades, especially on the "big rubber feet", done by Marcel Mangelsdorf of Australia :

Hi Michael, 

I have received your carefully packaged items and fitted them to the Rega Planar 3. Thank you for these beautifully machined items, they really enhance the aesthetic appeal of the deck as you can see in the pictures. 

Top and bottom bracings, aluminium sub-platter upgrades 

2.3mm VTA spacer upgrade

My original feet were larger but fitted nicely with longer screws. With the top brace and 2mm spacer the threaded part of the arm base did not protrude enough for the nut to grab so I had a nut with an extended threaded sleeve machined and widened the opening in the base by a few mm to fit the nut. Easy fix

Aluminium feet upgrade

The improvement in sound is incredible. Pace, rhythm, deep base and clarity in the mid and high range are all there. Even the so so flexidiscs from the 70's and 80's sound a lot better. The cartridge fitted is a modest Sumiko Pearl MM but a great combination with the arm. 

Record clamp 

I did not expect the end result to be this good! I can thoroughly recommend your upgrades. They are also fantastic value for money. 

Comment from my local Hifi dealer: this doesn't sound like a Rega at all; much better! 

Kind regards, 
Marcel Mangelsdorf

Thanks, Marcel !


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