Simple mod ... saved my Planar 3 TT ...

Here's the emigration story of Nigel of Ohio, USA and his Rega Planar 3 TT. Let's see how he had overcome the problem of A/C frequency difference (50Hz in Britain and 60hz in USA):
 "Hello again Michael,

Here are some photo’s for your blog:

My story is very simple really –
having emigrated recently from Britain to the USA I couldn’t bear to leave my Rega Planar 3 behind even though I wasn’t sure how to make it work over here with the different mains voltage etc. 

So then from reading your blog I realised that the lower voltage supply here wasn’t really the problem.The synchronous motor of the Rega still works, although sometimes it needs a little help to get it turning. The main problem is the different frequency of the supply – 60hz as opposed to the 50hz back home in the UK. The motor was running noticeably faster than 33rpm on that setting. 

So I found out you had a 60hz version of the metal pulley upgrade and ordered the parts from you. 

Your package arrived here in only about a week and I particularly enjoyed the stamps - very colourful!

Fitting it was so easy – it took me only 15 minutes and I was up and running again. The old pulley just popped off with minimal force using my fingers. I didn't need to lever it with any tools.

Removing pulley - 
using my fingers only

The new pulley slide onto the motor easily 

I then fitted the new silicone drive belt and tested

I even did a crude timing on the rpm and confirmed that, sure enough, it was now running at just over 33rpm – which is exactly where it needs to be, obviously. 

 Thanks again Michael for your prompt service and support. 

 Nigel – Ohio, USA "

Thanks Nigel for sharing with us your story here!


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