NAD555i and Rega upgrades ....

When it comes to Rega upgrades, NAD 555i enjoys the same benefits of sonic improvements too.

Johan Wallstrom of Sweden shares with us his system with the following mods: stainless steel pulley(33.3/45rpm) and belts, aluminium subplatter and acrylic platter :

Pictures : courtesy of Johan Wallstrom of Sweden 

NAD555i with upgrades

Aluminium subplatter

Acrylic platter

Johan Wallstrom' s feedback on the upgrades :

The sub-platter and acrylic platter runs smooth and I have already noticed a reduction in background noise and clearer sound. Bravo! I'll get back to you when I have listened some more...... 

 My system: Naim uniti + Naim StageLine phonostage, Harbeth HL-P3ES-2 speakers, NAD C55i TT

Johan Wallström

Thanks, Johan.


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