Mark Lewis of London has recently upgraded his plinth to solid birch ply (contrary to Rega's design of light plinth) for sound purpose. According to Mark, there's huge improvement on the basic plinth. He has also attached some pictures to share with us here: 

" Hi Michael,

I am the proud owner of a Rega Quest Birch plinth Upgraded NAD (which is a P2 clone)....
I have attached pictures showing the addition of your stainless steel double pulley to my set-up...."

Take a look; it's very nice and who knows, you may be adventurous to try it one of these days! By the way I haven't tried solid ply for Rega yet. Should I .... ?

Pictures : courtesy of Mark Lewis of London

Mark has tried aluminium double pulley before and he finds stainless steel double pulley does make a difference :

I found no issue in removing the old pulley, some delicate fingers and it was off. I am also very impressed with ease in which this can be installed. No messy glue!

Once the stainless steel version was installed (it took me 5mins), I have been shocked at the difference. The turntable effortlessly glides through my music now.

I have actually used the standard Rega aluminum double pulley before, which did have some impact, but your stainless steel really makes a huge difference. Looks great as well of course.

I listen to a lot of hard rock and heavy metal, which demands serious rhythm and stability for any deck, I am pleased to say the double pulley has given me the ability to enjoy the music I love at a higher level. I have never heard the speed being so consistent before. My turntable has a new lease of life!

Enjoy the pictures and thanks again. Please keep the great ideas coming.

Mark Lewis - London (UK)

Thanks Mark!


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