Modding Rega Planar 3 TT for my friend.....

A friend of mine in Kuala Lumpur has a wonderful system. Here's the pictures of his listening area. I have helped him to mod his Rega Planar 3 TT with all the accessories designed for my own Planar.

His complete system with JM Lab speakers

Fully modded Rega Planar 3

Aluminium metal sub-platter upgrade

Motor isolation base and stainless steel pulley upgrade

Acrylic platter upgrade

Under-slung counter-weight, 3-point VTA spacer

Other upgrades not shown on the pictures includes silicone belts, thrust bearing and acrylic isolation platform.

Thanks, brother, for sharing the pictures with us. And I am happy that the Planar 3 sings you beautiful music now!


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