New tweak for Rega 3-point mounted tonearms

Just share with you another new and simple tweak from a fellow enthusiast, Dennis of North Carolina, USA :

Rega 3-point mounted tonearm tweak

Photo courtesy of Dennis showing the new tweak
(He also uses #3 BDR Racing cones under his P5 which sits on a 50 lbs granite slab)

This is in fact a simple and effective tweak for a Rega 3-point mounted tonearm which costs you next to nothing and it's really worth trying.

1. Get rid of the wood screws Rega uses.
2. Get 3 Stainless Steel 2” (3 @ 6-32 X 2" or M3X50 mm) screws, stainless steel nuts (or wing nuts) and washers( no lock type).

3. Drill straight through the plinth and fasten them hand tight + ¼ turn and you’re done.

"You will get better resolution and natural tone with a solid bass presentation. Very nice Tweak!" - Dennis

Try out this 3-point mounted tonearm tweak today!

I would like to thank Dennis for sharing with me this brilliant yet simple idea and also for allowing me to post it here. Cheers!

* I have tried this mod with satisfactory may want to read>>


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