Motor upgrade kit and Motor isolation base

A Rega Planar 3 user asks, "Is it necessary to upgrade the Rega Planar 3 motor upgrade kit after I have used your motor isolation base?"

Before I answer his question, let's take a look at the difference between the motor upgrade kit and motor isolation base. By motor upgrade, we mean to change the higher vibration motor to a lower vibration one. And motor isolation, as I have posted earlier, is to detach the motor from the plinth without changing the motor itself. In both cases, we try to to minimize the "motor vibration" that reached the tonearm and record surface through the wooden plinth/board (Rega motor is attached to the plinth).

In my design, the motor is not only removed, separated from the plinth, it is placed on a independent heavy vibration isolation base so as to absorb the vibrations produced. The motor now runs steadier and cooler too. As a result there is tremendous sonic improvement.

So do you think you need to fork out another USD 200.00 or more to upgrade the motor ? Bear in mind that the end results of upgrades to the turntable are as follows:

i) Motor upgrade : lower vibration to the plinth

ii) Motor isolation : effectively "no vibration" to the plinth using the motor isolation base.

Do I answer your question?


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