Tim Kennedy of British Columbia, a TT enthusiast who had used my stainless steel motor isolation base and dual pulley since 2011 came back recently to add the  top and bottom alloy bracings to his unique double-decker acrylic plinth DIY turntable with RB1000 tonearm. If you are looking for new ideas to build your DIY turntables, this double-decker TT will definitely interest you. 

Can you see how the motor isolation base, top and bottom braces 
and dual pulley are incorporated in this DIY TT?

More pictures here with Tim's feedback:

Greetings Michael. I have received the braces and the spacer and have installed them. 

Everything worked out great. I was quite surprised at the sound i was getting after a listening session. It sounded very different to what i was used to. It took me awhile to put a finger on it but came to a conclusion that it wasn’t so much a different sound as a different tone, or lack there of one. Whatever was added to the table before was removed with the upgrades. I still had bass but no bloat and the higher frequency was more laid back(less brittle) but still there. I might have to order a smaller spacer from you at some point. Great quality Michael. Thanks. Merry Xmass to you. 

I added a couple pictures for you. One of them shows you base in between the layers. Its hard to make out but the first layer of your base is ressessed flush and the smaller part and pillars are above the layer. 

I still have to redo the feet for my final upgrade so when i take it apart i will take better pictures. I’ll be in touch. 


Thanks Tim for sharing with us your wonderful project!


Unknown said...

That is one beautiful turntable! Great job!☺

Unknown said...

That is one beautiful turntable! Great job!☺

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