VTA-SN-3PT: USD36.00

Very often, somehow or other, we may have to change cartridge for our Rega turntable. And if we happen to use a different cartridge, there is bound to be a change in VTA. To solve the problem, usually VTA spacers are added to correct the VTA. However when this is done, the tonearm is raised higher and there is hardly any thread left below the plinth for the stock hex nut to secure the tonearm to the plinth properly.

To solve this problem, I have thus designed a new sleeve nut for replacing the stock hex nut. This hand sleeve nut is handy and easy to use. It can be fastened by hand instead of using the messy big spanner which is hard to estimate the degree of tightening. So there is no need to worry about overtightening which can affect the sound of your turntable.

As we know, any micro movement in tonearm could affect the sound produced. In order to minimize this micro movements, the tonearm could be further weighed down with a heavy tonearm stabiliser

When tonearm stabiliser is used, it can be secured to the sleeve nut by using three steel screws with the help of an Allen key.

This upgrade is for you if you do encounter the above problem. 

Enjoy more analogue music!

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  Brian’s ( of California) skeletal top acrylic plinth upgrade:

Hi Michael,

Finished setting up new plinth and breaking in the bronze bearing hub. Enclosed are a few pics. It's great. I added a bunch of mods at the same time, so it is hard to say what affects what, but the overall result is a turntable where the highs, mids and lows seem perfectly balanced.and I hear new details in music I have been listening to for decades.

The slots in the plinth are very useful. I changed to a silicone belt and it had more flex than the old Rega, but I added tension using the slots and the result was that wow/flutter dropped from .25 with the glass platter and Rega belt TO .16 with the acrylic platter and silicone belt.

The turntable looks beautiful. Couldn't be happier. The only other thing I'm curious about is dropping the motor but I will first have to prepare myself for the Fedex costs again.

Thanks again,

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 Paul’s ( of Spokane Washington) happy upgrade experience  : 

Hi Michael

I'm pleased to let you know the turntable is sounding much better after running for a few days.

I cleaned the hub as you instructed and let the turntable run overnight - today it is sounding the best I have heard it.

The very slight pitch change I used to hear on high piano notes on jazz pieces is much much better - overall tone has improved, and the imaging has improved.

Very pleased with the upgrade - which was very straightforward.

The engineering/machining of the subplatter is beautiful - it looks great and the sound improvement has put a smile on my face.

Thanks again for the quick shipment and dedication to your passion.



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VTA Adjuster for RB330/220/110


 VTA adjuster for RB330/220/110
VTA -3PT - USD65.00

New VTA adjuster - VTA -3PT
This new VTA adjuster is suitable for use together with the new 3-point mount Rega tonearms (RB110/220/330) with mounting hole of diameter 25mm (~1”) .

Mounted on board, the VTA adjuster can be adjusted starting from 2.5mm (in the increments of about 0.1mm) to about 10mm.

The procedure is straight forward; adjustment is done simply by turning the top dial clockwise (to decrease VTA) or anti-clockwise (to increase the VTA). And when the adjuster is turned from a slot to the next slot, the VTA would change for about 0.1mm. 

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Dan (Ireland)'s upgrades for his New Planar 3

Dan has upgraded his New Planar 3 with Aluminium Sub-platter, adjustable feet and stainless steel pulley with matching belt. Sharing with you here his comments on the upgrades: 

Hi Michael,

Let me start with Happy New Year and sorry for the late reply. It was busy end of the year and beginning is even worst :-)

Anyhow I was able to install the upgrades one by one only last week following with some testing.

Upgrade is great and I'm really happy with it. 

The Biggest change was definitely the sub platter. On top of improvement in mid range and bass it was even able to remove inner groove distortions I had on some older records which is massive for me.

Legs and pulley bring other improvements in overall which to be honest I did not expect to "hear" I went for legs to be able easier to level the table and pulley with the belt to have top drive chain elements at the same "level" of quality. Anyhow each of those brings benefit which is hearable which again I did not expect.

Thanks again for your help and great service. 

Let me now enjoy music for a while until the next upgrade :-)

Best of luck!!

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