Robert's RP3 Upgrades with New Ply Plinth

Robert's RP3 has got a New Ply Plinth together with other upgrades. Please read on to find out more:

Thanks Michael 

Once I get a TT-PSU then a double pulley system will be going onboard too. I added your components to a stiffer ply plinth simultaneously- sound difference is profound. I have just upgraded phono stages in a big way and the difference is on par with that. (New phonostage is 6 X the cost of the original unit I was using). 

I listened the the 'upgrades' with my older original phonostage so as not to blur the perception. 

Upgrades carried out at once: 
•PEEK bearing sleeve 
•Silicon Carbide bearing 
•Your sub- platter 
•Your platter 
•You isolated power supply and motor assembly 
•New ply plinth 
•Adjustable spiked feet 

Differences form the original RP3 are very easy to identify, no intensive listening needs: 
•Much more air around the instruments 
•Decay of musical notes more evident and high frequency extension vastly improved 
•As a result of the above points, instruments are more 'isolated' 
•Lower noise floor 
•Slight improvement in stage width but my speaker location and room are the biggest hindrance here 
•Bass is tighter and less bloated 

I still have to spin many records to hear the tonal differences but thought I'd share my initial findings. 

Next in line is an IQ3 cart and pure silver arm rewire. Then back to the new phono stage. 

I had a listen to your mat as well. Awesome thing, such an improvement on the Rega felt mat. I however enjoy the 'airiness' of the Ringmat. 

Thanks for the great support and service. 


Thanks Robert!

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Robi ( Singapore) - RP3 upgrades

Robi of Singapore has added two new upgrades to his Rega RP3 - the acrylic platform and the rubber cork mat.

Simple upgrades. No tedious installation involved. How's his new experience with these upgrades?

"Sound quality...melting my ears!" 

Hi Michael, 

I managed to get myself a nice rega rp3 with ttpsu. 

I will begin my journey with this turntable and your rega upgrade components. 

The attached picture shown the turntable with acrylic platform and cork rubber mat i get from you. 

Sound quality...melting my ears😘. 


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Gert’s Tonearm Stabiliser and other mods

Gert's (of Netherland) feedback for tonearm stabiliser and dual pulley mod : 

Hi Michael 

Two weeks ago I received and installed the double pulley together with your silicone belts and your tonearm stabilizer. 

Removing the original stock pulley was very easy indeed with the pulley puller and following your instructions. 

The results now in terms of sound improvement are very positive and beyond my expectations. 

The soundstage is wider and deeper. More surprisingly the sound character has much more openness and color. Last but least the deck runs now stable at 33.3 and somewhat. 

The influence of the tonearm stabilizer on the sound is more difficult to estimate, I think. I always had a difficulty to held the stock lightweight hex nut in place, given that it must be fastened finger or hand tight. It always had the tendency to loosen and remove from its sweet spot position. Very annoying. I supposed that your stabilizer would solve that problem, given its substantial weight. And that is just what it does. It’s a real find. 

Best regards, 

Thanks Gert!

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Wayne (North Carolina) has a few upgrades for his Rega Planar 1, i.e. sub-platter and belt upgrades. 

"Overall everything sounds completely better. I can't wait to make more upgrades ....". 

Here's the pictures of his beloved TT and review after the upgrades.....


Received the subplatter and belt on Tuesday the 2nd. I've found while listening that everything seems much clearer and the bass much more distinctive. Really overall everything sounds completely better. I can't wait to make more upgrades to better the sound even more.

I want to thank you for the order as there is a big difference even for my old ears. 

Again thank you.



Thanks Wayne

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CK Yap of KL Malaysia has added the underslung counterweight to his Rega TT. Let's hear what he says after the upgrades: 

Hi Michael,

Today after I installed the underslung counter weight with the end stub ...
The bass go deeper and more definition, the mid are more open and transparent with great clarity,
The high was a dramatic much better more details and refine.
The soundstage is deeper and wider and lower noise floor

This little screw can fine tune the sound I want. Refer to the last picture circled red

Thanks Michael for your great work!

Thanks Yap!

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