Liyuan of Taipei has just added my adjustable aluminium feet to his RP3 turntable. He is sharing with us here  beautiful pictures of his system. Let's here his comments : 


I finally found time to assemble the feet onto my turntable and have a listen during the weekend.

I have always wanted to put my phono amp under the plinth and as one can see in the photo now it's possible with the feet, although I still need longer RCA cables to actually leave it there. I used to put other stuff under one foot to level my turntable and it's also gone.

With better isolation now I found less tracking problems/noises as I haven't bought a proper shelf yet, and also the bass range is cleaner and a bit more controlled now. 

Really a revelation to me. Thanks for the awesome product. 


Thanks, Liyuan !

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"I am in desperate need of a new counter weight for my RP1 with the RB101 tonearm as my upgraded cartridge arrangement means I can no longer get the dust cover on (any sonic improvement would be welcomed also).  I was looking at your underslung counterweight to solve my problem..........." Tristan from Australia first wrote to me.

Would my underslung counterweight would do the trick? Yes, It is almost in line with the tonearm as far as height is concerned. 

Any sonic improvement ?

Here's Tristan's feedback:

Hi Michael. 

Firstly sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have installed the counterweight and all seems to working very well indeed. 

Firstly it's great that I can now get my dust cover on again. 

Secondly I was surprised to find that you counterweight seems to have dropped the floor noise and tightened up the bass just a bit. 

I'm very impressed with the quality of your product and thanks again for the great communication. I have attached some before and after photos.

Thanks once again! 


Thanks Tristan!

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P5 upgrades by Alex Hong of Korea

Alex Hong of Seoul, South Korea has just upgraded his P5 with dual pulley, silicone belts and motor isolation base. He is very pleased with the upgrades. Here's his feedback on the beautiful upgraded P5:

Hi Michael, 

I received all the items last Wednesday evening and did some surgeries on my Rega P5. I could do all the modification jobs with no problem following your instructions. 

The change was not small. All noises from the motor has been gone and I can feel the background is now so much quieter than before. I realized that I have been listening music mixed with motor noises so far. 

Now my P5 is dead quiet. The outboard motor base is a real gem! The soundstage becomes much wider and deeper and the sound image from complex orchestral works seems to be even clearer and finer. I 'm sure without hesitation that this is the biggest upgrade among all modifications. 

This is my short impression and I think I have to check more LPs and enjoy with more music. I'm adding some pictures of my rega P5. My hat off to you for all your efforts done so far. 

Thank you again for your suggestions and nice upgrades. 

Best regards, 
Alex Hong from Seoul, Korea

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Michael Ziegler's counterweight upgrade

Michael Ziegler of Canada has justed added underslung counterweight to the RB330 tonearm of his Frankenstein ex-Planar 3 (2016) deck.
Here's his feedback: 

Hello Mr. Lim, 

I have had a chance now to sit down and play several albums after fitting your counterweight to the RB330. I found setup fussier than with the standard weight, requiring numerous back-and-forth adjustments on the fine knob to get the VTF correct instead of just over or just under. I suspect with use I’ll become properly accustomed to the fine knob and be able to bang out VTF in minutes again rather than the half hour of frustration each of my first two attempts entailed. That, however, is the only negative I can report. Once your counterweight was fitted, playback improved noticeably in several areas. Bass became tighter and possessed more texture. Overall clarity increased. The vocals especially seemed less recessed and more articulate. Mustical organization felt more defined. This was especially noticeable during orchestral pieces and really returned the full pleasure of listening to symphonies. I’m quite anxious to get a proper cartridge on this arm now, as I know the counterweight won’t be slurring the music and holding it back. Your counterweight is definitively worth its cost and a lovely upgrade to the table. 

I’ve attached a picture below. 

Thank you again for your assistance and for such a quality product. 

Michael Ziegler

Thanks Michael!

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Tonearm Stabiliser

As we know tonearm needs a heavy base to coupled it properly to the plinth to prevent micro-movements. This new tonearm stabiliser which weighs in excess of 300gm is a new upgrade for you.

1. Model TAS-3-Point - USD38.00
2. Model TAS-Hex - USD35.00

It is easy to install : Just attach to the tonearm base, thus proving a stable anchor for the tonearm.

1. For traditional hex nut mount Rega tonearms models: RB250/300/600

2. For all models 3-point mount tonearms including latest 2016-2018 Planar tonearms

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