Here's Roberto's acrylic plinth with vta adjuster upgrade, what do you think.....

Hi Michael, 

I'm proud to announce that i completed the turntable.                                                                                             

IMHO is very good. 

You can find attached some pictures. 



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Barrington's new upgrades .....

Barrington of UK has added what new upgrades to his TT? Take a look at his pictures below..... and more importantly his comments after the upgrades:

"Wow wow wow who would have thought a stabiliser and trible pulley have such a significant upgrade to my turntable. 

When the package arrived I was surprised how wide the stabiliser is. However this makes it easier to fit because you don't have to to tightening it as much as a conventional nut. 

The improvements in sound is best described musical multiple layering. You get the separated flavour of the instruments in terms of tune, rhythm, dynamics, image and sound stage. And yet at the same time you are struck by how well the musicians complement each other.  I find my musical appetite widening because it spotlights how the music is being played, the emotions and sentiment rather than just the type of music. 

I am using the stabiliser on a Origin Live Encounter Mk3c, this has made significant improvement to the performance of the arm. I will recommend you try it on any arm with a Rega fitting. "

Thanks, Barrington!

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Zoltan of Hungary has upgraded his New Planar 3 with Aluminium sub -platter and aluminium feet. A very simple comment which is good enough to express his satisfaction with the upgrades.

Thanks for your nice pictures, Zoltan!

Hi Michael, 

The packet arrived.                                                                                                                                                  

Great sound

Thank you

Best regards!

Zoltán Hettinger

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David of Washington NJ has upgraded his new Planar 3 with the following mods :

Here's David's feedback on adjustable feet upgrade:

Thanks Michael, Your upgrades make it possible for me to fit my Neo TT PSU as well as the obvious leveling capabilities. I’ve included pictures :


And his feedback on aluminium sub-platter upgrade :

Thanks again Michael for your sub platter replacement for my Planar 3. I did notice a reduced noise floor and bass increase. The replacement along with your instructions took less than 5 minutes. Well worth the time and money.


Thanks David !

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John's AR TT Upgrade to Audio Nirvana!

Hi Michael. 

This has been our Christmas present as we both love beautiful music. 
5 years resurrected from storage with modern day modifications 
1985 Acoustic Research ETL-:1 turntable Serial #10002 of 29 made - very rare 
Acrylic Armboard 
Micheal Lim VTA adjuster 
Rega RB300 tonearm 
custom lead and 24ct gold counterweight 
Fidelity - MC 3 F MC cartridge 
Ortofon MC Transformer 
Leather Mat 

It all adds up to Audio Nirvana !!! 

John Sturgess

Thanks, John!

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