Introducing to you my new model of aluminium sub-platter for Rega P1( including RP-1 ) and P2...

This new sub-platter is made of high quality aluminium with steel spindle. The steel spindle is heat treated /electro-deposited / DLC coated (diamond like carbon) to improve micro surface hardness as well as lowering the coefficient of friction. 

Low mass design, in line with turntable manufacturers’ low mass philosophy. Mass is reduced effectively by cutting out mass from the top and bottom of the platter during machining, at the same time maintaining its rigidity. 

High mass sub-platter is not desirable as it not only creates unnecessary resonance but also adds burden to the bearing and hub.

ALSP-K  USD105.00
ALSP-K Sub-platter : USD105.00
(Belt not inclusive) 

This sub-platter is also suitable for other models of Rega turntables or Rega compatibles like NAD etc .


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For Pro-ject turntables owners who have been requesting for more upgrades other than the present isolation motor base, here is the GOOD NEWS! 

I have finally come out with a new underslung stainless counterweight for you! 

Price: USD90.00
(c/w 9.5gm add-on thumbscrew weight)

Take a look at the underslung counterweight below, it comes with a inner delrin tube which semi-decouples the counterweight from stock end stub, reducing resonance. It's about 40gm heavier than the stock unit, thus bring it closer to the tonearm pivot. 

For some turntables with extra heavy MC cartridges, a bigger counterweight with heavier add-on thumbscrew weight (14.5gm instead of the standard 9.5gm) is also available. 

Installation wise is just simple plug-and-play. First remove the stock counterweight. Then slide in the new counterweight and lock it in place with the grub screw (using Allen key) or with the thumbscrew from top. Lastly, get the right vtf by adjusting/moving the counterweight.

with the grub screw (using Allen key) 

with the thumbscrew from top


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Azhar of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia finally joined in the tweaking fun "after years of wondering whether I should do it after reading so much in various forums. "

Let's see Azhar's feedback after upgrading his beloved Rega RP6:

Hi Micheal Lim 

Thank you for the subplatter and dual pulley upgrading + belt for my RP6 and of course the bearing as well.

I run it through both my faithful Audiolab 8000A & Marantz PM44SE w or wo schiit Mani + Mission 753 floor standing speakers. I wouldn't be more than happy to conclude that: 

1) Highs are cleaner. 
2) Low end better control 
3) The most significant I  would say the mids. Vocals airy. Instruments more apparent. Strings, horns, drumbeat etc better defined. The center imaging too I believe is much better. 

Overall I am glad that I have decided to do the upgrading after years of wondering whether I should do it after reading so much in various forums. 

Next would be the adjustable ss feet and the counter weight. 


 Thanks Azhar !

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Tony’s RP-6 with 3-point vta adjuster

Tony’s (of Ontario, Canada) surprise discovery after fixing the vta adjuster on his RP-6 turntable!

Hi Michael, 

The VTA mod is completed for my Rega RP-6 turnatable and it is very nice...I am really pleased with it. 

Having said this...I discovered my problem wasn't really with the VTA...but it was good I did the mod regardles... 

Through a series of many trials, I finally figured out why I thought I was getting "harshness" from my Rega RP-6 turntable. It was not my turntable - it was my ADC (analog to digital recorder). What I discovered is that my KORG MR-2000S recorder introduces harshness into the pure analog signal produced by the PCM mode. But when I switch the recorder to DSD digital audio mode, there is zero distortion and zero harshness. Therefore, all this time I thought there was something wrong with my turntable, or cartridge, or wires or VTA...but the problem was in the final step - the digital recorder. Now, I am recording in DSD128 Hi-Res Audio mode and the sound is perfect. PCM is a great digital format and the problem of harshness occurs only on the KORG recorder - not necessarily on other ADCs. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and hopefully this information may be of use if a similar situation occurs in the future with someone else (highly unlikely!). 



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Hein’s ( of Netherlands) latest acrylic plinth and tonearm stabiliser mods:


Thank you for the extra to adjust mij level. 

Herewith some pictures of my turntable, it sounds amazing. Really nice low end 😊Keep up the good work.

With kind regards


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