Holger's RP3 upgrades

Holger of Berlin has upgraded his RP3 with the following :
1. Aluminium Sub-platter
2. Dual pulley c/w silicone belts
3. VTA adjuster 

Here's his feedback and beautiful pictures: 

Hi Michael,

sorry, that it took me so long to write this feedback. But your parts arrived when I head just installed my new cartridge. So I had to wait till it was burned in.
In the package I found lube oil and ball bearing as well. It was a little surprise because they were not included in the delivery announcement or elsewhere. Although I just recently renewed the bearing oil, I changed it again and the ball bearing too because I thought you would have sent me the best for the performance of your product.
This last tuning measure for my RP3 went ahead: 
-          placing the TT on a crate of 30 mm thick three-layered bamboo, filled with quartz sand and covered with a 30 mm thick granite plate
-          Cardas Golden Myrtlewood Blocks instead of the Rega Feet
-          Bfly Audio Aluminum Weight PG1+ (350 g)
-          160 g stainless steel counterweight
-          Continuous tone arm cabling Finewire Cu C37 + Cryo from Heiko Wingender with KLEI copper harmony plugs (latest update of Eichmann Bullet Plugs)
-          your VTA Adjuster
-          Upgrading the cartridge from Denon DL-103 to FineNeedle MC from Heiko Wingender (a modified DL-103 dampened with CFK carbon rods and 4 mm thick ebony)

Each tuning step brought either a clear sound gain or, in the case of the VTA adjuster, more comfort. The VTA-Adjuster was very easy to mount: I just needed to file the tonearm hole a little bit and replace the grub screw with a shorter one. The part works quite wonderfully.

Your subplatter and the two straps look really good accompanied by the Bfly weight.

The installation of the subplatter was, of course, very simple. Operated with the original black Rega strap, I experienced incredible: the background noise decreased significantly. I got smoother heights and more defined basses. The installation of the subplatter was, of course, very simple. Operated with the original black Rega strap, I experienced incredible: the background noise decreased significantly. I got smoother heights and more defined basses. The detection improved, as did the depth stacking. The overall sound was more coherent. A really great sound improvement!

The original Pulley was quickly removed with the pulley puller, the dual pulley installed even faster. More problematic was the installation of the silicone belts, because they jumped down at first over and over again if I got going the engine. With the lower one even the worst case occurred: It landed in the bearing oil. After I had cleaned it, and then some other attempts the belts finally stayed – and I was thrilled again: The sound is a lot more stable.  Voices and instruments remain in their places, and are much more precise. The middle range is more present.

So I am really happy with the modifications made by your products and have now been addicted. Just by chance, I came looking for a VTA adjuster to your blog and saw for the first time, what possibilities are there to optimize Rega drives. Since then, I have been working on the subject at first. I have an eye on a new (Audiomods) tonearm. But first I feel the need to optimize the running gear with your help. I will send you a separate mail with my initial thoughts and questions on this subject.

Best regards,

Thanks, Holger !

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Euan Robertson - Some tips for you ....

Any new ideas to tweak turntable? Something you may look forward to when you visit my site.  Today we have some tips from Euan Roberton of New Zealand. Try it out yourself!


Hello Michael 

Having recently fitted your bearing sheath, thrust bearing, and M3 long screws with butterfly nuts to my RP1, I am once again on the upgrade path. 

This time I am investing in an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and would like to buy the serrated 3-point VTA spacer which matches the cartridge and my 12mm glass platter. I have not sent you any pictures of my system set-up or tweaks as so far, anything I have done has been very well covered by your site already. 

I have attached some photos this time however to show you the .5mm silicone spacer between the sub platter and glass platter (photo 898), and the rubber spacers between the plinth and tone arm mounts. 

I believe the silicone ring has ensured a more positive connection between the sub and main platters and has made some contribution to pitch stability. The rubber spacers (photo 899) have definitely improved the isolation of the tone arm from the plinth - I used to be able to hear the acrylic cover touch the plinth if I lowered it after the stylus was in the groove, and lightly tapping the plinth would produce feedback as well. This has now stopped. 

Thanks and kind regards 
Euan Robertson

Thanks Euan!

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Julius's upgrades on his 2016 Planar 3

Julius of Sweden has added some mods to his good sounding 2016 Planar 3....

"Music is even more enjoyable- Analog music is so more fun!  I actually ended up dancing with my wife the whole evening after upgrading...". 

Wonderful! Shall we dance .....

Hello Michael, 

I received your products the other day and had a lot of fun upgrading my deck.

The result? 

Simply amazing! 

The music now has a much more stable foundation whilst dynamic and detail is much more present. I installed all the items at once. Adjustable aluminum feet, Double pulley with silicon belts, aluminum subplatter and acrylic platter. Music is even more enjoyable - Analog music is so more fun! I actually ended up dancing with my wife the whole evening after upgrading. Thank you very much! 

Right now I’m using the deck without a mat as my previous wool mat seemed to muddy things up. What type of cork mat do you recommend, That is what thickness? I use a rega chart and have no vta adjustment installed and plan to keep it that way. 

Picture here 

Keep up the good work! 

Regards from Sweden, 

Thanks, Julius!

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Peter Sherriff's new Red Isolation Platform

Surprised to see Peter's Red isolation platform? Yes, it's one and only one I got it done for him. Glad to know he enjoys the fun in tweaking!

Thanks Peter for sharing with us your experience :

Hi Michael, 

The isolation platform arrived last Thursday. Sorry, this is the first chance I’ve had to email you about it as my wife and I went on a short trip the next day and have only just returned. 

As usual, it arrived securely packed and arrived 8 days after you sent it (Malaysia to Australia). 

Setting up was easy. Just screwed in the metal feet , made sure it was level by using a spirit level, and just sat the turntable on top of it. 

I bought my Rega RP3 about 6 years ago and I thought I would post some pictures to show the journey it’s taken since. This is how it looked when I first took it out of its box. Just your stock standard RP3 in “cool grey”. 

This is how it looks now. 

As you can see, it looks nothing like it did originally, thanks to your modifications. 

In summary, these are the modifications that I have made to it: 

Michael Lim modifications: 
- New clear acrylic plinth with braced gloss red top and adjustable aluminium isolation feet  
- New aluminium sub-platter 
- New stainless steel dual pulley (fitted with 2 x Rega White Drive Belts) 
- New acrylic platter 
- New red isolation platform

Other modifications: 
- Ortofon 2M Bronze Phono Cartridge 
- Rega TT-PSU 
- Rega Fono MM Phono Preamp 
- Analogue Seduction red leather platter mat 
- J A Mitchell Record Clamp 

I first started noticing a difference in sound when I installed your acrylic platter, aluminium sub-platter and dual pulley about 5 years ago. Then, last year, the clear acrylic plinth and now the isolation platform. 

How do I describe the sound now? Well, the base is solid without being booming and the treble is bright without being too sunny. As far as the clarity is concerned, I am hearing stuff in the background that sounds like it has been brought forward. 

I was playing some Nick Drake today and I could hear his fingers moving along the frets and his breathing in just before singing words. 

This may not be a very professional and knowledgeable way of describing how my Rega sounds now but, all I can say, is that this baby is really purring like a kitten! 

I know that, with the money spent on these modifications, I could have bought a more expensive turntable…but where’s the fun in that! 

Michael, thank you for not just providing all these fine modifications for us turntable enthusiasts, but also your polite and prompt assistance when we get a little lost and confused. 

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. 

Kind Regards 
Peter Sherriff 

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Daniel Bembibre's upgrades and feedback

Upgrade in stages is one way to go about in TT tweaking ; no hurry at all, take 
your time and it can be fun too!

Daniel of Spain shares with us his feedback after several upgrades:

Hi Michael,

i receive today my order, all the parts take land in Spain in perfect shape. 

Installation was very easy, the only thing with the subplatter was the necessity of change my blue Edwards audio belt (33.1rpm) by the default black rega (33.3rpm) to increase the speed of the platter. 

All work fine, with good pitch stability, and the feet are great

Thanks a lot. 

Keep in touch 

Best regards from Spain

Daniel has added some new upgrades : Dual Pulley and silicone belts!

He is happily enjoying analogue music with his "NEW" TT!

Hi Michael,

I received and installed, sound fantastic, i test with my Ortofon 2M bronze and Goldring 2400, and i have noticed with a very good bass, sound more rich and clean.

Thanks Daniel

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