Tony’s RP-6 with 3-point vta adjuster

Tony’s (of Ontario, Canada) surprise discovery after fixing the vta adjuster on his RP-6 turntable!

Hi Michael, 

The VTA mod is completed for my Rega RP-6 turnatable and it is very nice...I am really pleased with it. 

Having said this...I discovered my problem wasn't really with the VTA...but it was good I did the mod regardles... 

Through a series of many trials, I finally figured out why I thought I was getting "harshness" from my Rega RP-6 turntable. It was not my turntable - it was my ADC (analog to digital recorder). What I discovered is that my KORG MR-2000S recorder introduces harshness into the pure analog signal produced by the PCM mode. But when I switch the recorder to DSD digital audio mode, there is zero distortion and zero harshness. Therefore, all this time I thought there was something wrong with my turntable, or cartridge, or wires or VTA...but the problem was in the final step - the digital recorder. Now, I am recording in DSD128 Hi-Res Audio mode and the sound is perfect. PCM is a great digital format and the problem of harshness occurs only on the KORG recorder - not necessarily on other ADCs. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and hopefully this information may be of use if a similar situation occurs in the future with someone else (highly unlikely!). 



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Hein’s ( of Netherlands) latest acrylic plinth and tonearm stabiliser mods:


Thank you for the extra to adjust mij level. 

Herewith some pictures of my turntable, it sounds amazing. Really nice low end 😊Keep up the good work.

With kind regards


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Karl’s (of California, USA) woody Planar 2 upgrades:

Hi Michael,

I received the sub platter and pulley. Everything is good quality and I am enjoying my upgrades. It is definitely an improvement over the stock sub platter and plastic pulley. As promised here are a few pictures of my turntable along with your upgrades:

Thank you,

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Hello from New Zealand

Peter of New Zealand's new TT upgrades on his Rega P2 :

Hi Michael, 
All parts installed in minutes. 
The counterweight first. Got good improvement from less noise so background blacker allowing more music to be heard.  
Then the sub platter went in and another slight improvement in presentation overall. Good job by you. Fit and finish was excellent. 
Now wondering how sound may change when sub platter runs in. 
Could I ask why a running in period is need and explanation behind it?

Best regards 
Ps : all potential customers should not have any concerns. Michaels products are superbly built and finished and deliver what he says they will

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John Gallup of California USA has recently upgraded his Rega Turntable with acrylic plinth and bronze bearing hub. Here's his feedback and beautiful pictures of his new TT : 


The plinth, bearing and braces arrived today in good order. I was pleased to find that you had already assembled almost everything, which made the installation a snap, requiring only a few screwdrivers. Everything lined up properly and fit well. I'm already using your motor base, adjustable feet, and motor pulley.

I put on a record I always play after I've modified the system ("Selections from the Gutter," by Art Hodes, Storyville SLP 4057) and was delighted to hear stronger bass and less wow and flutter. I'm not sure why this should be the case but it is very enjoyable. Your plinth is of course heavier than the stock Rega RP-3, and as I understand it Rega's philosophy is to make the plinth as light as possible. Whatever the reason, your plinth and bearing work well and I'm very glad to add them to my system.

Some photos are attached.

As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you.

John Gallup

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