Stephen Smith's RP6 upgrades

Stephen Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA has just upgraded his Rega RP6 with stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts. Here's his pictures and feedback: 


Package arrived yesterday. Much sooner than expected. Hooray!

I was able to complete the installation last night. It was a breeze.

Some pics are attached.
1. Dual pulley and belts installed. Also note the Groovetracer sub platter.
2. RP6 with white Delrin platter and GT weight. Cartridge is a Denon DL-303 (recently rebuilt).
3. From the listening chair. Still some junk scattered about - just moved and still settling in. Speakers are Green Mountain Europas.
4. Trichord Dino mk.II phono pre and the rest of the gear.

Thanks for your great product and excellent service.


Thanks, Stephen!

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