Do you visit vinylengine forum recently? Then you wouldn't have missed Jeffco's thread: Balsa and ply plinth?  . Fantastic effort as you can see from the pictures he sent me. 

Glad also to receive his positive feedback on my dual pulley and silicone belts which stand to be part of his esteemed project :


Of course I read about other peoples experience with the steel dual pulley and red silicone belts, but I was still shocked at the great results on my Planar 3. The music has better dynamics and impact, a more engaging experience. The motor looks steadier – I think the old pulley wobbled slightly. 

The extra grip of the two belts is very apparent when I fit my plinth to the new isolation base. I have had the Planar 3 since the early 1980s and started upgrading last year mostly using low cost, DIY upgrades. The first was a seismic isolation base using a bike inner tube, three ball bearings and six concave door knobs. It uses the Townshend Seismic Sink principles. Great sound. 

Then I tried different plinth designs and materials. This is my fourth attempt, and by far the best sounding: based on the principles of the beautiful Rega 8, it has a stiff but very light balsa structure – it weighs less than 16 oz. Details on the Vinyl Engine. 

Jeff Cosford.

Thanks, Jeff !


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