Acrylic Platter upgrade for Stuart

Replacing glass platter or MDF platter of your Rega TT's, with an acrylic platter, sonically, there's a difference. People who find their Rega TT sound too bright for them would love the acrylic platter upgrade.

Stuart of Somerset, UK had just upgraded to acrylic platter and he felt the same way too:

Hi Michael 

 The platter arrived on Monday, much sooner than expected, and I have been away for a few days so have only just been able to try it this weekend. 

When I opened the package I was immediately impressed with the finish and quality of the product. I have a RP1 previously updated with white belt, rewired RB 202 tone arm and Ortofon Super OM 30 Cartridge. 

My first impressions are the sound (previously slightly bright) is now more even with fuller tighter bass and clear, detailed treble. 

I attached a couple of photos. 

Best Regards

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