Gerret's aluminium feet upgrade

If at this moment, you are not yet ready to tweak the "main body" of your beloved Rega TT, why not just consider the "feet" first? My aluminium feet would be a simple tweak for you to begin with .....

Don't worry, you would not mess up anything with this tweak! And you will notice sonic improvement as Gerret of USA would testify here after his aluminium feet and silicone belt upgrades :


It took me a while to get back to you. I really like the feet and the belt upgrade I received from you. They tightened up the bass a bit at first. That is before I also replaced the plinth. I found that Joel at takes apart Rega's and resells the plinths he doesn't need. He makes some beautiful turntables that are more art pieces than audio gear. 

Using the better plinth gave a further advancement. I found that the get further enhanced and I feel like I just moved the turntable to 2013. 

Here is what happened to my Rega Planar 2 thus far: 

Michael Lim belt upgrade 
- Michael Lim feet upgrade 
- Replaced sub platter with aluminum one 
- Replaced tonearm stub with metal one - same design thought - upgrade potential? 
- Replaced AC motor with DC 24 V upgrade 
- Replaced platter mat with Mission mat 

Next I am looking at the double pulley and belt upgrade. I am a little scared of pulling off the existing metal pulley. I saw your tool to get this done. Is it tricky? I'd need the double pulley, the pulley remover and one more belt. Let me know your thoughts. 

I included the pictures from both the pre-and post plinth operation. Thanks for you blog, inspiration and great products. 

Gerret Meyer, Atlanta GA

Thanks Gerret!


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