Gert--- My Planar 25 upgrades ...

Some of the older model Rega turntables like Planars'(2/3/25) may run a bit fast to certain TT owners. Does it matter? Can we live with it? It all depends on you ....

Some say they like it that way - that's "Rega sound"!

Enthusiatic tweakers around the world ask if a bigger sub-platter would help to change the speed of their TT's slower? Yes, of course; speed of a belt-driven TT is dependent on the diameter of the sub-platter. So increasing the diameter of sub-platter is one way to slow down the TT speed.

In my tweaking path, experimenting on a bigger sub-platter to slow down the speed of Planar closer to 33.3rpm/45rpm is possible.

At the moment, other than the standard sub-platter ALSP1, I have also made this bigger version ALSPB available for those who would like the speed of their TT's to be slower.  

This ALSPB sub-platter would slow down your TT speed a bit bring it closer to your desired speed though I can't guarantee "exactly" 33.3rpm/45rpm since there are other variables which would affect the TT speed as well. 

Gert Van Essen of Netherlands has a P25 TT and ALSPB sub-platter upgrade is his newest tweak in attempt to correct the speed of his TT. Here's his comments:

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for the very quick delivery of the sub platter. I received it june 28th, i.e. within 10 days after you sent it to me. A few days ago I installed the platter on my P25 without any problems thanks to your adequate instructions. 

The following days I let it run in as you advised. My first impressions are of an amazing improvement. It is the best tweak I made to my Rega. And I did a few in the past years. I began tweaking – as so many Rega owners do - with experimenting with several sorts of platter mats on the much discussed glass platter. My experience in the end is that the original mat made of wool – but not the felt mat – used without any pressure of a weight or so gave the most satisfying results, i.e. if you do not want to change the platter itself. Nevertheless I myself chose to change the glass platter because there always remained some hardening of tone which I ascribed to the glass material as such. That was the beginning of new road, the road of changing the player as a coherent concept by substituting vital parts, of which some say you never must do with a Rega. But I did, just out of curiosity and as a quest for seeing myself what can be done step by step. So I substituted the glass platter for an acrylic one (which did a good thing), the P25 motor for the Rega 24 volt motor upgrade with PSU in combination with changing the belt for an so called white belt (the effect of which was marginal in my setting), the RB600 arm for an Origin Live Silver in its latest incarnation (a Rega derivative type of arm with a very clever VTA adjustment which I wanted. A definitive improvement in combination with my Lyra Dorian), and latest the phenolin sub platter for your aluminium sub platter(the model one that slows down the rotation speed a bit). As I said in the beginning this change made the most influential improvement, next to the arm change to be fair. The sound is absolutely steady now (runs a perfect 33 1/3 RPM), it’s very clean and much more open and dimensional than before. I read in the commentaries on the fora that the effect of this change could be substantial and I can confirm that wholeheartedly. It did more than I expected. It is a cliché to say, but my Rega plays in an another league now. I cannot judge on the other available sub platter substitutes on the market, but I can say that your making looks to be the most like the original so can be expected to fit in all situations without problems, is very beautifully and accurately made and has the option of two models (diameters). It performs in any case absolutely stunning. Last but not least it’s not the most expensive. That’s for the moment. I will try to send some pictures in due time. 

Best regards, 
Gert van Essen

Thanks Gert!


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