Bossa Nova... Samba....

I love listening to Dave Brubeck's Bossa Nova USA. I also enjoy Elvis's Bossa Nova Baby very much! And when I think of Bossa Nova, I think of the Brazilian......

Bossa Nova style is genuinely Brazilian.

And samba, well-loved around the world, is best-known to be a symbol of Brazilian musical expression and Brazilian carnival too. So don't you think Brazilians are very musically people?

Today may I have the honour to share with you here some pictures sent by Thiago from this beautiful land of Brazil:

Thiago of Brasilia, Brazil has a Rega P5 TT which is recently upgraded using my dual pulley, silicone belts, aluminium sub-platter, VTA spacer and acrylic platter. Just to mention, he is one of the first overseas friends I come to know through this blog. A very pleasant person to deal with, he took great trouble to send me his feedback after each upgrade. I really appreciate his effort!

Thanks, Thiago!

Pictures : courtesy of Thiago of Brasília, Brazil

Thiago's Rega P5 TT

Double pulley and silicone belts upgrade

Thiago's discovery with the pulley upgrade:

"Greater bass control, and AIR. I guess this is one of the best descriptions of this upgrade: a lot of air showed off, giving room for a more natural and envolving sound. I really appreciated this little piece."

Aluminium metal sub-platter upgrade

What about with the aluminium sub-platter upgrade?

"It took a little while to settle down, but once it did, it was marvelous. I also took the opportunity too re-align the cartridge and the counterweight, so the improvement was huge."

Acrylic platter upgrade

His initial impression on acrylic platter upgrade:

"Sonically speaking, it seems to have opened a little more my system, without compromising its bass response. It's still too soon, my I guess I'll enjoy this upgrade."

3.8mm VTA spacer was used to accommodate the rubber/cork mat

Thiago concluded happily after experimenting with the rubber/cork mat:

" I really enjoyed the acrylic platter and Cork mat combo. The cork mat hás smoothed the analytic sound that the acrylic gives. And it also tightened the bass, playing a full bodied sound. "

Thanks again, Thiago for everything!


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