Good piece of engineering.....

"Good piece of engineering......" Wolfgang of Germany commented on the double pulley after he had installed it. He also told me that it's a worthwhile upgrade for his P25 turntable.

He had sent me some pictures showing how he removed the turntable pulley and you wouldn't believe how wonderful this simple pulley puller was until you see it!

Pictures : courtesy of Wolfgang of Germany

The DIY pulley puller

"Since it is not advisable to pull the aluminum pulley towards the bearing I have bought a rectangular ordinary steel tube (30x20x1.5 mm) from a hardware store and formed this "puller" with simple manual tools, the screw is M3 with some cone shaping at the end." said Wolfgang.

DIY pulley puller in action

Rega P25 with dual pulley

Thanks to Wolfgang for sharing with us his fantastic idea here. Now we have got another new DIY way of removing the pulley!

And, last but not least, I want to say to Wolfgang is :

"My friend, this is a good piece of engineering too..... . "


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