Record weight with bull's eye level
(model RC1 : USD22.00)

This Record clamp/weight with bull's eye level is precision- machined from solid brass. The diameter of the brass base is 43 mm with a height of 12 mm. The total height inclusive of the bull eye's level is approximately 24 mm. It's weight is about 160 gm(~5.6 oz). A record clamp should not be too heavy but just enough to hold the the record steady. A heavy record weight or clamp would add unnecessary load to the motor and the main bearing hub, bearing in mind the motor and bearing hub are designed to carry a specific load and anything above is considered over-load!

Bottom view

It can be used to weigh down the record as well as for leveling the platter with the bubble level. It is suitable for all turntables. Besides it also improves the turntable performance.

Record weight on Micro Seiki turntable

The record clamp is pretty cheap and is good for leveling the suspended platter......not the prettiest thing, but again does the job.

Jim Pittman of USA said :

Greetings Mr Lim, Rec’d the record weight and pulley today. Thank you very much for such great prices on great products. Installation was a snap, and I am very pleased with the sound, Thank you again. 

Jim Pittman.

Arthur of New York commented on his upgraded Thorens TD124 :

The record weight is great also, adding a more steady pace.
Great products!!

All the best,

Ulrich of Switzerland said :

The record clamp also gives more details. I got a lot of quality for very little money.                                      

The Star - Review on record clamp:

"The weight is simply plonked over the centre spindle on top of the vinyl record with no irritating screwing in, twisting, or pressure fitting which record clamps involve. This allows record changes without the need to stop the motor. The weight brought a better sense of ease and focus to the sound, its effect much subtler than with the platter substitute, but still worthwhile. It seemed to work more noticeably with the more transparent sounding Radius V, though, for which I will probably buy it."


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