Acrylic isolation platform with metal spikes
(Model AP20m - USD110.00)
(448mm x 360mm x 20mm, approximately 4kg)

As all the turntables are subjected to interference from the environment, isolation platforms are necessary for unsprung (e.g. Rega P3) as well as sprung (e.g. Thorens TD309) turntables. This is the surest and easiest way to upgrade the sound of the turntables. In addition it is relatively inexpensive : from one hundred to several hundreds US dollars, depending on the makes.

Pictures below are various views of the transparent pure acrylic isolation platform (model AP20m), measuring 448mm x 360mm x 20mm, weighing approximately 4kg, with three brass isolation points which are adjustable in height (also use as leveling base).

This acrylic isolation /leveling base is suitable for all Rega turntables ( Rega P1, P2, P3, P3-24, P5, P7, P9, P25, Planar 2, Planar 3) and CD players, it could be used for any other model of turntables as long as the dimensions can fit.

*It is also suitable for Rega new models ( RP1, RP3, RP6 and RP8 TT's). 

Yul's comments on isolation platform:
" The P5 benefits greatly from the isolation platform. The sound "opens" up with greater separation and imaging in the wider soundstage. It, too, is a 'must buy'....".

Joe Crawford's comment on new acrylic isolation platform for Clearaudio Emotion Turntable:
Received  the platform assembled same and leveled it. Leveled the tt. Result improved bass, midrange and high end plus the sound stage seems bigger. Very impressed by the result and by the quality of the product. Many thanks Michael. Are there any other of your products you would recommend for my turntable

Hi-Fi Avenue - : interesting way of using isolation platform together with Hot/Cold packs


Optimus NotSoPrime said...

So I added this acrylic platform on top of my marble slab.
Set up was easy and a major convenience is that it made leveling the tt so much easier and faster.
Played my favorite Tracy Chapman and the difference is evident from the first song.
The highs are shimmering and clean, and loads of details are coming through.
I can hear the string tension of the guitar being struck and the harmonics as it decays. Guitar seems more real.
Greater separation of the instruments and the layers are more distinct too.
The bass bloom I used to hear is no longer evident and there is more texture and tunefulness to the bass lines.
Amazing what an extra layer can do.
Great stuff

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